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The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
-Jacques Cousteau


Welcome to Sailing Clothes and Gear! We are a small but mighty group of boating enthusiasts that have a love for water and travel.  We are located in sunny Florida and are here to help you find the best boating clothes and gear on the market.


Our top priority is serving our community by writing detailed reviews and recommending only the best in boating clothes and gear based on quality, durability, and customer reviews.  We also inform our readers by carefully crafting educational articles related to boating for the skipper and the crew.  

We create blog post articles that cover reviews and answer top boating questions like, "How to Name a Boat?" We came up with 30+ ideas for naming a boat. Some really great ones!

At Sailing Clothes and Gear, we try to make fun and interesting articles for you to read. We like to provide informative posts to answer many of your boating questions. We also provide vacation suggestions and recommendations. 

If you love going to boat shows, we have curated The Ultimate Guide to Florida Boat Shows for you. 

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